Bilbie Process Optimization Inc. utilizes experienced chemical and process engineers to reduce manufacturing costs, implement new technology, and generally help to reduce carbon emissions.



  • Project management;

  • Specification of equipment and instrumentation;

  • Control narratives and start up procedures;

  • Staff training and generation of Standard Operating Procedures;

  • Optimization of Pressure Swing Absorption systems (PSA) or Molecular Sieves;

  • Optimization of Evaporation systems;

  • Optimization of Distillation systems;

  • Optimization of Crystallization processes;

  • Optimization of Reformer processes;

  • Dust control systems;

  • Spray dryers;

  • Boiler feed water systems and deaertors;

  • Re-tubing Boilers, conventional water and non water heat transfer fluid;

  • Multivariable analysis to develop advanced control strategies that increase production while mitigating use of process consumables;

  • Design of piping systems, plant air, steam, condensate, hot water, city water, process lines, high pressure;

  • Optimized solvent and mechanical extraction processes and post treatment of products (degumming, refining, bleaching, de-waxing, winterization and deodorization)

Bilbie Process Optimization

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